WATCHU In Disneyland Paris

A special thank you to Isabel's dad who sent this photo of her at Disneyland Pairs (can we come next time please!) and left us this comment too. 

When Isabel turned 8 we decided that she needed some freedom, like all parents we worried about her safety and we considered giving her a mobile phone. My wife then attended a  safety presentation held by the police and was told that a smart phone was not suitable, so I started to look for other ways to keep her safe and that's when I found Watchu. We love that it looks like a child’s watch so if the worse happens it would not be taken off her and would fulfil its job. On our recent trip to Disneyland Paris, we were amazed as the tracking was so accurate that you could see which rides and attractions Isabel had used. I would like to say a big thank you to Samantha in Support who has been fantastic sorting any issues we have had. I would highly recommend WATCHU. 

For more information visit HERE to see what WATCHU can do for you! 

5 Best Family Spots: Peak District National Park

5 Best Family Spots: Peak District National Park

1. Ridge Walk Mam Tor to Losehill is an ideal family walk. An easy stretch of five miles and taking around two and half hours to complete. The walk is along simple well laid footpaths most of the way and the ascents are fairly easy. You will head over Mam Tor then follow the crest of The Great Ridge who's grand profile separates the beautiful Hope and Edale Valleys until you reach its end at Lose Hill, another hill with an interesting history. This walk is an amazing mix of natural history combined with vast and beautiful panoramic views into the heart of the Peak District.

2.  Chatsworth House is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family. The house is renowned for the quality of its art, landscape and hospitality, and it has evolved through the centuries to reflect the tastes, passions and interests of succeeding generations. Take time to wander through the incredible home and you may be lucky enough to catch an exhibition. For children, Chatsworth has a fantastic farmyard where they can meet ponies, lambs, take a trailer ride and then head to the outdoor play park where they can swing, climb and make a splash. 

3. Take your kids underground and treat them to a tour at Treak Cliff Cavern. Having started as a Blue John mine over 300 years ago, Treak Cliff Cavern continues to mine, process and manufacture ornamental items and jewellery from Blue John Stone today. On the 40 minute guided tour visitors can see the most abundant veins of Blue John Stone in the world and some of the 'finest stalactites' in the Peak District.

4. Chestnut Centre, Otter Owl and Wildlife Park. The Chestnut Centre is an escape from the bustle of life, in a secluded natural valley in the Peak National Park. The centre is home to 4 species of otters including the rare Giant Otter, 15 species of owl, tame fallow deer in the deer herd, foxes, pine marten and the elusive, endangered Scottish Wildcat etc. Truly a ‘Hidden Gem in a Hidden Valley”.

5. Really treat yourself and the family by taking a canal boat tour with Wandering Duck. Wandering Duck is the unique canal boat experience. They offer day tours for small groups of up to 8 people. Their day tours are hands-on; have a go at steering their 69ft Narrowboat, or help work the locks. You can take a day tour or even stay on board for three nights. 

Looking For The Postman Review

Looking For The Postman Review


Watchu is a combined phone, watch, pedometer and location tracking device for your young kids, all packaged up in a cute pink (or blue, or green) wristwatch. At age 6, this would have been something from Buck Rogers or Blake’s Seven.

It looks great. The watch comes with a charger lead (like an android phone charger lead), sim card and instructions. The watch uses a sim card for calls, GPS and to transmit data to an app which you’ll need to install onto your own phone or tablet. You can then use this app to track the phone, and you can call it like any other phone. The watch has a speaker and mic built in so it can be used as a normal phone!

We were sent through a pink Watchu for Jenny to try out. This included the sim needed to run the phone along with £3 credit and instructions on how to set it all up.

We did have some teething troubles with the initial set up, but the Watchu tech team were quickly on the case and our Watchu & app were synced up soon after.


The Watchu display is bright and easy to read. There are three buttons to change the display, cycle through contacts and a panic button too. The wearer of the watch can’t phone just anybody. They can either press the panic button to call the main contact, or cycle through and call someone on their pre-approved contact list. The admin (parent) chooses who is on that list, and who the primary emergency contact is through their app.

Jenny, as you’d expect, thinks this is awesome. Yesterday, in the park, she’d cycled off just as we were deciding to go and get some ice creams. I gave her a quick call to her watch, and you could see her beaming smile at talking to her daddy through her tech!

But there’s a more serious side to why this is a good thing to have. As a parent, you would have had anxiety nightmares too about your child getting lost, or worse. Watchu provides peace of mind against this. It can show you, in real time, the location of the Watchu wearer. It also provides the option, through the app, to track where the Watchu has been that day!

I’m giving Watchu a hefty double thumbs up for a number of reasons. First off, Jenny loves it. It doesn’t look babyish. The pink, soft look made it something that she was happy to wear. Secondly, once it’s linked up, it works like a charm. The app is a little clunky at time, but once you’re clear with the navigation, the features are impressive. Finally, the safety aspect. When Jenny has this on, I’m far happier that I’ll be able to find her / contact her if she should wander.

The Watchu kids watch is available in bubblegum blue, grasshopper green or princess pink. While it costs, £119.99, Watchu currently has an offer to buy one, get a second half price. There’s also a Watchu Guardian for elderly / vulnerable people, and 1 year accidental damage cover. Impressive!


Those folk at Watchu are not only smart, but generous too. They’ve given us a Watchu Kids, as featured above, as a prize for a very special competition. Simply enter using the widget below before 31 July 2017 at midnight and one winner will be picked at random. Good luck!

To enter the giveaway run by Looking For The Postman, click HERE and good luck!

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