Keeps You Connected

Keeps You Connected

WATCHU is a Phone, Watch and GPS Location Tracker For Children.

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Keeps You Connected
Keeps Children Safe
Peace of Mind
  • It's More Than Just a Watch

    It's More Than Just a Watch

    WATCHU is a wearable phone and locator that combines an emergency assist function, voice calling and location tracking into one simple watch. With WATCHU, Kids can lead an active childhood with the security of knowing that they’re safe.

    It's More Than Just a Watch
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  • Long Lasting Battery Life

    Up to 120 hours of battery life on a single charge.

  • Precise Location Tracking

    Recieve GPS updates every minute and view route play backs to see exactly where they've been.

  • Tell The Time

    Kids can learn to tell the time with ease. Choose from two watch faces, analog or digital.

  • Two-Way Phone Calls

    The two-way call feature allows kids and parents to stay connected at the touch of a button.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their WATCHU

This watch is exactly what my 9 year old son wanted. He's so thrilled to be able to make and receive calls, and to count his steps etc. It will make our lives much easier in festival/camping season when he can go off for a little while with his friends.
Really great product - I have two! Having previously tries a number of different GPS tracker watches, this is the best and most reliable I’ve found. Coming with a SIM card already inserted makes set up easy and gives £3 of initial credit.
Such a lovely watch, where were we without it? I cannot praise this watch enough, it is colourful and bright. Going shopping is so much better, keeping a track wherever we are. Really does put my mind at rest. A fantastic buy

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