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  • Accidental Damage Cover - Watchu GPS Tracking Smart Watch For Kids

Watchu GPS Tracking Smart Watch For Kids

Protect Your Guardian (For Only 11p per day)

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"Peace of Mind - Having previously tried a number of different GPS tracker watches, this is the best and most reliable I've found."
  • Your Kids First Mobile Phone
  • Colour Touch Screen
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Locate Them Instantly on Your Smartphone
  • Call The Watch Instantly
  • Simple SOS Button They Can Use

Parents can now enjoy true peace of mind with regard to their children's safety. With real-time pin-point tracking, GPS trail logging, Two-way phone calling and smart location alerts, parents can track their child's whereabouts directly from the WATCHU Guardian II App.

WATCHU Guardian II uses the latest technology and materials (TPSiV®), specifically designed for safe wearable tech.

The watch will include a CPR Chameleon PAYG SIM with £3 worth of credit free of charge allowing WATCHU to work straight out of the box. CPR Chameleon is a unique mobile network that can switch between all major networks to ensure that the WATCHU has optimum GPS tracking signal at all times.

For basic location tracking the watch will use around £3 of credit per week with general use. Voice call costs will depend on usage. Our PAYGtariff can be foundHere.

Credit top ups can be made via our CPR Chameleon Top Uppage.

Location Tracking and How It Works
How can I check my WATCHU Guardian balance?


Emergency Assist Button
In case of an emergency hold down the SOS button. The WATCHU Guardian will begin to call the pre-set contacts in its phone book on a continuous loop until it has been successfully answered. The WATCHU Guardian will instantly update the geographic location.
Instant Communication
Always keep in touch with your children with our easy to use smartphone App. Call them and monitor them for peace of mind.
Location tracking
With GPS location updates, you can track the location quickly and accurately. The WATCHU Guardian's GPS map supports three different modes: 3D, 2D & Satellite imagery. So you can quickly locate children and loved ones.
  • 2-Way Phone Calling

    The two-way call feature allows children and parents to stay connected at the touch of a button

    Emergency Assist Button

    The WATCHU Guardian will be able to alert contacts when the SOS button is held down, also reporting its latest location through our smartphone app.

  • WATCHU Guardian Kids GPS Tracking Phone Watch - BLUE
  • Location Tracking

    Receive GPS updates every 10 minutes and view route play backs to see exactly where they've been.

    Sympathetic Design

    Available in a choice of colours.

Route Playback
View the WATCHU Guardian's route history for up to the previous 30 days.
Keep fit with the built in pedometer that can be viewed on both the WATCHU Guardian and App.
Long Battery Life
High capacity battery allows up to 48 hours of usage on a single charge.
Two Way Calling
Make and receive calls to loves ones direct from the watch, at the touch of a button.

WATCHU Guardian Specifications

WATCHU Guardian Specifications
  • Language

    - English
    - Multiple Languages (Coming Soon)

  • Features

    - Smart GPS Tracking
    - Emergency SOS Button
    - Dual-way phone calling
    - Nationwide Coverage
    - Smartphone APP
    - Includes Chameleon SIM + £3 Credit
    - Powerful Battery Life

  • Materials

    - Extra Strong Gorilla Glass
    - IP67 Waterproof
    - Watch strap: TPSiV® - TPSIV Dow Corning plastics that ensure zero chance of skin irritation. Soft to the touch, anti-bacterial & UV Safe
    - Watch buckle: Stainless steel

  • Connectivity

    - iOS 12+
    - Android OS 9.0+
    - WiFi, GPS, GSM & LBS
    - GSM/GPRS 850+1900+900+1800MHz