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Get Unlimited Tracking, Voice Calls & GPS Monitoring For Just  £10.99 Per Month  

Our recent study found that most of our customers top up by £10/£12 per month, so we've put together the ultimate unlimited package, saving you money & giving you more data. Never worry about running out of data again with our new pay monthly package. Get unlimited contact 24hrs, 365 days a year with unlimited data and calls, meaning you can always be in touch with your loved ones. This is a one time offer for our existing customers only.

Unlimited tracking & instant contact with loved ones

Get unlimited contact with your loved ones 24hrs a day, 365 days a year with unlimited data and calls meaning you can always be in touch with your loved ones.

Emergency Assist Button for immediate
GPS location tracking

The user can press the SOS button at anytime to notify you of an emergency, 24/7

Keeping the wearer safe when away from home

Giving the wearer independence when away from home and the user peace of mind.

Locate, call & monitor the watch anywhere with our FREE app (iOS & Android)

Be able to track the wearer at anytime using our FREE APP included with this package. 

Discover The WATCHU GPS Smart Watch 

"Peace of Mind - Having previously tried a number of different GPS tracker watches, this is the best and most reliable I've found."


Comfortable wearing feeling

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Smooth sound for all music types

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Route Playback

View the WATCHU's route history for
up to the previous 30 days.

Long Battery Life

High capacity battery allow up to 120 hours
of usage on a single charge

Two Way Calling

Make and recieve calls to loves ones direct
from the watch, at the touch of a button.

Smooth sound for all music types

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Comfortable wearing feeling

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Got this watch for my 8 year old daughter to give her some freedom. works a treat lets me know exactly where she is. had issues getting it set up but phoned up support and they set it all up over the phone at there end and sent a message to the watch to link it to my phone. since then I have phoned my daughter on it and she answered and I could hear her fine, also tried the listen in feature and it worked. tracking is constant and within 10m of her location so I am happy with this item.
Battery Life

my daughter took her watch to a sleep over and accidently turned it on at 2100 but on her return home the next day at 1500 the watch still had 50% left so defiantly good for a full days tracking and one quick phone call.

Daniel Ramsey-Williams



Bought Watchu for my daughter so we can call and track her wareabouts when she is out playing with friends. The tracking works well when used outdoors but not so great indoors ( which I guess is the norm with GPS trackers ). Call quality is great and my daughter loves the fact that she has her first "mobile phone". All in all happy with the quality and features :)

Bill Tate



It does what it claims, and the customer support in setting up was very good. Battery is lasting about 2 days which is fine for normal use. My daughter is happy to wear it which is a plus. It's first major test will be out and about on fireworks night but so far all good




I bought this as i wanted to be able to track my child at all times, even when out of sight. If anything were to happen, i would have that vital information needed. She's at the age now of going to stay at friends houses and just for that peace of mind i loved the idea that i could listen in to her via the microphone without her knowing. Good for when they are sleeping over at a new friends house or when using a new babysitter. It's a great idea if there have been issues at school to know exactly what has been said. My daughter also likes sending me voice notes too throughout the day which is a lovely touch. All the benefits of a mobile phone but she wont be a target to have it pinched




Really great product - I have two! Having previously tried a number of different GPS tracker watches, this is the best and most reliable I've found. Coming with a SIM card already inserted makes set up easy and gives £3 of initial credit, the battery life is good and lasts a few days without having to charge (compared to others which only last 12-24 hours), the app is intuitive and easy to use, the listen function works well and call quality is also excellent. Best of all is the UK based support, really easy to get hold of and very helpful for all my queries - thank you Paul!