WATCHU GPS Smart Watch
When setting out to develop the WATCHU GPS Smart Watch, we placed safety at the forefront of our design. We wanted our product to give you the ability to monitor and/or react to potential safety concerns. With the WATCHU App, you can track where your loved ones are at any given time, coupled with the ability to set up Geo-Zones, you are informed in real time if your loved one has moved outside of a designated virtual safe space. In case of an emergency, the watch user can hold down the SOS button and a warning is sent to your smartphone.
Powerful Features
SOS Button
In case of an emergency hold down the SOS button. The WATCHU will begin to call the pre-set contact in its phone book on a continuous loop until it has been successfully answered. The WATCHU will instantly update the geographic location and store the location via notification.
Monitor the environment
Monitor the WATCHU’s surrounding environment. Without alerting the watch wearer you can listen to all the activity in the WATCHU’s surrounding environment. Monitoring your loved ones safety has never been so simple.
Fast & Accurate GPS Positioning
With GPS, LBS and WiFi location and up-to-the-minute updates, you can track the location quickly and accurately. The WATCHU’s GPS map supports three different modes: 3D, 2D & Satellite imagery.
Easy to use App
Simple to Setup
1. Download
Download the "WATCHU App" from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and create an account.
2. Turn on your WATCHU
Turn on your WATCHU by holding down the power button until the screen lights up with the WATCHU logo.
3. Connect
Connect the WATCHU App to your device by following the step-by-step instructions in the Quick Start user guide.
WATCHU Uses Safe Materials
Shell material: PC+ABS
Watch strap: TPSiV® - TPSIV Dow Corning plastics that ensure zero chance of skin irritation. Soft to the touch, anti-bacterial & UV Safe
Watch buckle: Stainless Steel

Comes Pre-loaded with a CPR Chameleon PAYG SIM

The CPR Chameleon is designed to offer you an easy to understand premium mobile connectivity service.  Our service allows access to all UK and EU networks, resulting in unprecedented signal and mobile coverage for when it really matters.

There is no minimum contract term