Tips For Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Tips For Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Halloween is a yearly celebration for most kids and people with kids at heart. Mishaps shouldn’t compromise this exciting and fun event. Safety and protection from kid’s predators should always put in mind by both parents and kids.

Collecting treats from your neighbors is fun, especially when you were in your best costumes and with your friends when you were a kid. Your children should also experience this as well. However, as parents, we often worry about their safety whenever they are out of our sight.

Learning how to deal with this as a family is essential to build a safe and loving environment even if we’re physically apart from them. Continue reading below for more.

What is the true meaning behind Halloween?

Halloween is an occasion celebrated from October 31 to November 1 every year. An event of Celtic positive culture aims to celebrate the end of summer and the start of winter. People wear costumes to believe that the departed souls are still with us, and we should also celebrate with them.

Why do we say trick or treat?

People, especially kids, asking for candy from someone else’s home say “trick or treat” because the homeowner will have to choose either. If he or she chooses “Treat”, they’ll give you candy. If they didn’t give out treats or say “Trick” outright, then, the trick-or-treaters are given permission to play a playful yet friendly prank on the homeowner.

What precautions should you do while trick or treating?

While Trick-or-Treat is a fun and exciting activity for both kids and parents, unforeseen accidents can happen. It’s why it’s important to prioritize safety measures while trick-or-treating and train your child on what to do whenever an emergency arises.

Here are some parental tips for the coming Halloween:

Always follow health protocols. Make sure that your kids always wear masks and keep their distance from large crowds. Give them the hand sanitizer that they can use whenever possible.

Wear bright-colored costumes. Bright-colored costumes not only get attention from the home they’re about to knock but also let you easily see your kid from afar.

Make them go with their friends. Even if it’s safe for your kid to go alone, it’s always better for him or her to go around the neighborhood with their friends. This will allow them to look after one another. Plus, this helps them build teamwork and social engagement with others.

Teach them to start and go home on time. Keep track of how much time they spent outside. Always remind them to go home on time so that you won’t worry too much and limit their exposure to potential “bad” people.

Train them not to go with strangers. If your kid is too friendly with others, always remind them to set boundaries. For example, tell them not to go with strangers if you’re not around. Also, tell them to only accept candy or invitation to come into the house from someone they know.

Use a “secret code” for fetching them. This family “secret code” will help your kid know if the one bringing them is a reliable one or not. In this way, they’ll be able to have some time to escape if it’s a predator.

Use a GPS tracking device. Sometimes, no matter how much we remind our kids about their safety, it can be compromised one way or the other. A reliable backup should always be at the tip of their fingers whenever an emergency arises. Investing in a GPS tracking device is a great deal of protection and peace of mind for the family.


Halloween is an annual celebration for all ages. It should be fun and exciting.

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