The WATCHU Guardian

As a company, we saw the success of the WATCHU Kids and we took on board people’s comments that there was a market for older children and adults. After much discussion, sights were turned to a wearable mobile device that was suitable for an older generation.

The WATCHU Guardian was the next step in creating innovative tech to help the elderly and vulnerable maintain independence and give them peace of mind, that if there was ever an emergency, they wouldn’t be alone. The WATCHU Guardian is a GPS tracking phone and watch that gives the wearer freedom and their family a means of always contacting them. The WATCHU pairs to an easy to use App that gives the user the ability to call them, track their movements and numerous other functions.

The WATCHU Guardian has proved a hit with an older generation who were adverse to getting a mobile phone, vulnerable adults who are at risk of being lost, and older children who wanted a subtle way to contact parents. Our next step was to make sure that the wearer always had a signal. We created a chameleon pay as you go SIM that attaches itself to the strongest network signal and comes preloaded with credit so that the watch can be used straight out of the box. With no subscription fees and optimum GPS tracking capabilities, the WATCHU Guardian is the perfect device for keeping people safe and in touch with loved ones.

You can buy the WATCHU Guardian HERE.

Don't forget we offer FREE lifetime technical support on all purchases.

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