International Missing Children's Day

International Missing Children's Day

Today is international missing children’s day and in the last year alone 250,000 children were reported missing in the EU. That’s one every two minutes and in the UK a child is reported missing every three minutes. It’s a shocking number and any parent or guardian who has lost a child, even for a few minutes, knows it is the most gut-wrenching fear you may ever experience.

Kids are prone to wandering, there’s nothing new there. It’s only in recent years that we’ve found a way to combat the problem. We can’t glue their hands to ours and unless you have eyes in the back of your head you’re almost guaranteed to lose sight of them from time to time. This doesn’t make you a bad parent, it makes you part of the international club of mums and dads who are evaded by their tiny tots and pre-teens. Gone are the days of the dreaded wrist strap and we’re here to welcome the WATCHU GPS smartwatch for kids.

We’re in a tech age but no one wants to hand over a phone with access to the internet to their child before they’re ready. Being in touch with each other though is essential. It’s the classic line we’ve all heard from our parents and told our kids, ‘It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s other people’. They’re craving a little bit of freedom and responsibility, maybe to go to the shop or to the park with their friends. The WATCHU is the perfect companion for your child and will put your mind at ease.

Key features for WATCHU include an SOS button, in the case of an emergency your child can hold down the button and it will begin calling pre-set contacts and update the GPS location. In addition, parents/grandparents/guardians can call the watch from the app and your child can call up to 16 contacts from the watch. For those budding days of freedom you can set a virtual location you’d like them to stay in, this Geo-Zone can be adapted and you receive alerts every time they leave or enter it.

For more information on missing children and the global support network for their safe return please visit and

To discover mover about WATCHU and how it can help protect your children, please visit

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