Important news about your WATCHU & APP Features.

Important news about your WATCHU & APP Features.

Due to the recent privacy and security concerns raised by the Norwegian Consumer Council and the German Government reaction to ban poorly designed children's smart watches, we have as a company, decided to remove the “Listen In” function from our devices and software.

We would like to point out that WATCHU was never included in the list of products identified as being insecure.

Your Privacy and Security are our priority
The WATCHU app and the device itself has always been secure and uses 128 Bit AES security to handle this. Security is at the forefront of our products design and improvements via frequent APP updates will continue to happen as usual.

New App and Features 
We are also very excited to reveal that we are in the final development stages of the new and vastly improved WATCHU APP and are hopeful to launch within the next 2 weeks.

Google Navigation Integrations - The new APP will be able show both your phone and the WATCHU Device and be able to navigate you in real time to the wearer of the WATCHU.

Further Security Updates
Improved user interface - Revised app aesthetic (and graphics)
Multi Language
Increased flexibility - options for setting up 'Geo-Zones'
Increased number of watch contacts (20 -> 30) and additional labeling options for each contact
Quicker, simplified set-up process.

Kind Regards, WATCHU.

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