How to encourage children to be fit and healthy

How to encourage children to be fit and healthy

The battle to get kids active can be a tough one. With technology infiltrating their day to day lives, parents can often find themselves struggling to encourage children to put away the screens and keep fit.

Here’s how you can promote a healthy lifestyle to your child:

Sign up to sports

The useful teambuilding skills and regular exercise make sports the perfect way to encourage good health. Allowing your child to choose a sport they enjoy, ensuring its convenient to your time constraints and within your financial capabilities will garner the best results. Not only does this have the benefit of cultivating a hobby which they can carry on later in life, it also provides the ability for them to branch out their friendship groups and explore their own personality whilst keeping ft and healthy.

Encourage healthy food

Whilst exercise is important, diet is also key in keeping your child fit and healthy. Hitting the target of 5 pieces of fruit and veg and keeping sugar intake below 6 teaspoons per day is suggested, though this can be a battle for some parents. To encourage children to eat healthily you can:


  • Involve them during the food shop and cooking
  • Blend fruit and vegetables into smoothies
  • Allow a choice between healthy snacks


Use gadgets that promote a healthy lifestyle

Since today’s children are surrounded by technology, it makes sense to utilize it for their benefit. Smartwatches such as WATCHU are a useful tool, with a built-in pedometer to promote self-monitoring of activity and GPS tracking, you can be confident in letting your child be active anywhere, whilst remaining safe in the knowledge of their whereabouts at all times.


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