Helpful Technology: Young Dementia UK

Helpful Technology: Young Dementia UK

WATCHU lends itself to helping children and parents stay connected, it was also the starting point for creating WATCHU Guardian. Protecting adults and vulnerable individuals was a key part of our design process and keeping people in touch and independent is a key part of our mantra. 

There is now increasing awareness for younger people being diagnosed with Dementia and we're very proud to be part of the Helpful Technology section on Young Dementia UK. Being contactable and traceable is key and the WATCHU Guardian is an altogether more subtle way of being both. 

Care providers or loved ones can track your location, call you, send voice messages and set alarms. Each one is designed to help those with Dementia find a way to handle their new way of life. Visit the Young Dementia website for helpful tips, a support network and to educate yourself on ways to help yourself if you have been diagnosed or how to make a positive impact on someone who has been. 

Watch the Young Dementia Network video below. 

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