5 Things you should know about your WATCHU.

5 Things you should know about your WATCHU.

Hello little and bigger ones! We have been receiving feedback lately on your thoughts about the WATCHU and understood that battery life, tracking, notifications, feature listening and resistance to water were your top five concerns. To help you make the best use out of your WATCHU, we have some gathered advice on how to use this handy watch.


Battery Life

Many of you have expressed concerns about the need to charge the WATCHU too many times. Nevertheless, one single charge allows 120 hours of use. To be able to reach that amount, we recommend that, initially you do 3 consecutive charges of 12, 8 and again 8 hours, respectively. Then, we urge you not to attach the cable to a plug as it can damage your WATCHU’s battery permanently. That can truly be the worst you can do to your WATCHU as, along with the battery, it can impair the device.



This one is a tricky point! What is the difference between LBS and GPS? Global Positioning System (GPS) is a tracking system that gets its signal by satellite and allows an accuracy of 30 cm whether Location-based Service (LBS) localizes through a GSM ID and its position error can be of about 10 meters. Your WATCHU comes with both systems so that if GPS is not available it can get a LBS signal and give a location obtained by triangulating telephone towers. However, your device is designed to be used outside and when the watch has been indoors for some time it can often switch to LBS. That would lead to pick up the nearest cell tower signal as a location. 

For more precision in the location of the device we recommend that you select the automatic tracking feature instead of the manual. To do that you have to open your WATCHU GPS app > Watch Settings > Tracking mode and select “automatic mode”.

Therefore, keep in mind that GPS works better outdoors, and it should give you a pinpoint location of the wearer.



Insure that when you set up your watch and download the app you select the option that allow the notifications to come through to your phone, otherwise, you would only be receiving notifications whilst being in the app. If you are unsure, please go to your phone settings > WATCHU GPS > Notifications and make sure that all is checked.


Feature listening

By the end of 2017, we decided to remove the “listen in” feature that previously allowed monitors of the WATCHU to hear everything that was happening on the surrounding of the watch wearer. This decision was taken as the Norwegian Consumer Council and the German Government raised concerns about privacy and security of kids’ smart watches. Furthermore, we understood that the feature could be seen an invasion of your children privacy as well as anyone’s interacting with them when not used in case of emergency. Last but not least, this function could become even more dangerous if placed on the wrong hands. We are sure that you can understand that not everyone has the best intentions.


Resistance to water

Your WATCHU is splash-proof, which means that it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, but it is not water-resistant. The device is conceived to be worn on a daily basis and for your children’s most common activities. Though, if going to the pool or the sea, it should be removed. There are some powerful, yet sensitive, electronics underneath this vivid-designed watch that need care.


We hope you are enjoying your WATCHU and that this post was helpful. If you still have more concerns, please send us a message and we will gladly solve any problems you may encounter. Have a great week-end and enjoy the great weather!

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