New GPS Watch Tackles Child Safety

New GPS Watch Tackles Child Safety

A new GPS watch designed for children aged 5-11 years of age has been launched to help tackle the issue of child safety. WatchuGPS is the only watch of its kind that links up to a parent or care-giver’s mobile phone allowing them to instantly see where the child is.

The watch provides the complete package for parents who are keen to ensure the safety and security of their children while they learn to be out in public without direct adult supervision. As well as giving children confidence, the watch and its accompanying App allows parents to be in contact with their child at the touch of a button and enables them to set agreed parameters and controls.

WatchuGPS is full of unique and useful features including:
• Geo-Zones which alert parents as and when their child enters or leaves them
• Remote Voice Monitoring allowing parents to listen to the environment around the device
• Voice messaging allowing parents to send 15 second recordings to their children
• Phone calls to the watch so a parent can speak to their child directly
• Comprehensive tracking capabilities that use GPS, LBS, GPRS and Wi-Fi locations to provide up the to minute updates

The watch also has some features for children designed to make them feel secure when out and about. These include an SOS button on the watch that immediately updates the watch location, messages the pre-set phone contacts and then start dialling until someone picks up. The watch also has an in-built pedometer and a bright LCD screen which can show digital and clock-face displays.

Kris Hicks of CPR Global Tech, the company behind WatchuGPS, comments: “For many parents, the ability to know where their children are at the touch of a button is a very attractive prospect. Most parents have, at one time or another, experienced the anxiety and sheer panic when their child leaves their sight for a few minutes, either in a shop or a busy park. Knowing that they can instantly call their young child, track their location on a map or listen to what is happening at their location gives peace of mind.

“For older children who might be walking to school with their friends or starting to take their first independent steps away from their parents, the watch provides security for both sides. Children feel safe knowing that they can send an SOS signal if in danger and parents can specify geographic locations that their children can enter and then be notified if they leave the boundaries. As well as being a great safety tool, the bright colours and attractive design will appeal to children. They can perfect their time telling skills and take an interest in their fitness too with the pedometer feature.”

CPR Global Tech is well placed to bring this product to the fore as it has previously cornered the market in call blocking technology aimed specifically at vulnerable adults. Its product range is now the global best-selling call blocking technology available and is the top seller in its category on both Amazon UK and Amazon US. Call blockers help to protect elderly and vulnerable adults from falling victim to telephone scams. The company is taking the next logical step into child safety devices and hopes to add to the range in the future.

WatchuGPS watches are available directly from and cost £119.99. Customers can take advantage of an interest-free ‘easy payment’ option of two payments of £59.99 to spread the cost over time.

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