what is it?

Whilst your preferred mobile network might provide suitable coverage for much of the time, there are occasions when due to network problems or your location in the UK, your mobile signal may be poor, intermittent or simply unavailable.

CPR Chameleon solves these problems. The smart SIM technology provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all EU mobile networks, to find the strongest signal, giving you the best possible mobile coverage when you need it most.


Unlimited Monthly Plan

CPR unlimited sim plans provide you with

Unlimited tracking

Strongest signal available

Unlimited SOS calls

Unlimited heart rate monitoring

30 Day Rolling Contract


Billed monthly

Pay As You Go

Same pricing throughout the whole of the EU

Phone calls within the EU - 30p

Texts to all destinations - 15p

Data per MB - 20p


Minimum top up

CPR Chameleon SIM Terms and Conditions

Please read all of our Terms and Conditions carefully prior to using the CPR Chameleon SIM Terms and Conditions