International Missing Children's Day

International Missing Children's Day

Wandering children are an almost guaranteed part of being a parent. Most mums and dads will tell you they have professional hide and seek players and escape artists for children, that they were only not looking at them for a few seconds, suddenly they were nowhere to be seen. The panic is instant and irrational thoughts take over logic.

On parenting forums the consensus is the same, those minutes or hours that they are unable to locate their children are the worst of their lives. Some found staff members in theme parks and shopping malls of little help whereas other praise individual staff members and the public in coming to their aid.

International Missing Children’s Day is dedicated to highlighting the plight of charities and the NCIC of bringing missing children home. According to the FBI, the most up to date data from the NCIC in 2016 recorded 465,644 individuals under eighteen were reported missing in the USA alone. Many are found safe and within 24 hours, many are still unaccounted for.

At Watchu our goal was to create a watch to keep parents in touch with their children via its mobile phone capabilities. Being parents too, it became apparent that there was a way to help ourselves and others actively find their children if they were to wander or disappear. Watchu looks like a regular watch but has GPS that links to an easy to use App. You can keep track of their movements, call them, or remotely listen to their surroundings.

Designed with safety in mind we also promote teaching children about personal safety and raise awareness and procedures for families to follow if their children disappear. We'll be updating the blog with tips for parents, from parents, on what to teach a child if they get lost as well as other handy pointers. 

To find out more about Missing Children's Day, head over to Missing People. An amazing charity with a wealth of support. Join in on social media feeds with #findeverychild to help spread awareness - one missing child has already been found today thanks to the online campaign. In the UK 140,000 people are reported missing a year, many are runaways and over 18 but no missing person is less important than another. Missing People helps search for all missing loved ones regardless of age or circumstance. 

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